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Provinces take patchwork approach to funding for abortion pill Mifegymiso

But in provinces with universal access – New Brunswick, Ontario and Alberta have already made Mifegymiso free to all women with a health card and Quebec has promised to follow suit this fall – more family doctors are stepping up to prescribe the drug for medical abortions, some of them in cities and towns with no other abortion services.

“As time rolls on, we’re hearing of more providers taking up the call and becoming prescribers of Mifegymiso,” said Sandeep Prasad, the executive director of Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, an Ottawa-based advocacy group that connects women with abortion providers. “It’s becoming increasingly available in pharmacies. But all of that, unfortunately, is a slower-going process than one might like.”

The introduction of Mifegymiso has also been marred by confusion around the rules for the controversial medication.

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